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Sovngarde - Member Guidelines

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Sovngarde has three fundamental purposes:

  • Provide information and encouragement to modders.
  • Maintain a "safe haven" free from spamming, trolling, and flaming.
  • Showcase mods for any game.

To accomplish these purposes, we have one absolute rule that applies to everyone:

Be courteous always!

Please read all of the below guidelines. Your continued usage of this site constitutes an implied agreement that you have read and agree to adhere to the following. If you do not agree to this, please send me a PM notifying me of that and I will delete your account.

Forum Ettiquette
  1. No redundant topics, double posting (ie starting two threads with the same topic,) spamming, or trolling.
  2. Initiating a flame war purposefully is prohibited.
  3. Avatars depicting hateful, or racist content will not be tolerated

Forum Content
  1. No discussion of illegal topics (such as software piracy, hacking, terrorism, etc) will be permitted.
  2. Profanity and vulgarity are not allowed in topic titles or signatures. Please use discretion.
  3. Profanity and vulgarity in a post body should be kept to a minimum; we will not remove such so long as it is fits the general "feeling" of the thread and is not excessive.
  4. Adult content (i.e. nudity) is not permitted in the body of posts or within signatures and links to such content must be clearly marked as such.
  5. All posts are subject to editing due to poor grammar or spelling (this is purely to ease communication.)
  6. Political or religious threads are not permitted
  7. "Goodbye" threads are not allowed. Please note that we differentiate between "goodbye" and "farewell" threads; the former are generally hostile or angry in nature while the latter involves genuine concern for friendships.
  8. All contents in the download area that violates forum rules will be deleted or removed from public view without a warning of doing so.
  9. Content that may be deemed as offensive or polarizing should not be included in signatures, avatars, topic titles, or other locations that are visible in "common areas" of the site. This includes but is not limited to a real and/or a historical event. We encourage civil discussion of such topics so long as it remains in the "People Corner's" forum. The Sovngarde Council and all staff reserve the right to remove any non-permitted with or without prior notice. Failure to comply to such staff actions is grounds for formal warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans.
  10. Signatures may contain anything else that is not offensive or otherwise distasteful. Advertisements for corporate ventures are not permitted, but those for personal enterprise is acceptable.

Plagiarism and Copyright Practices
  1. Copyright violations will not be tolerated to the least degree. If you have another author's work, and you want to use that work in your mod, you need to get permission from that author, and then you need to cite credit and permission in your readme. If the author is MIA, you need to state so in your readme along with credit for the specific works.
  2. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Utilizing any user-created resources in a mod of your own without explicit permission from the original author; this includes, but is not limited to, the following:
      • Textures, meshes, and other artwork
      • Scripts and other mod-related code
      • Characters, quests, and other literary creations
      • Including any mod either partially or in entirety in a compilation or larger work
      • Redistributing a mod with no readme (wherein one was originally included) or a modified readme
      • Uploading or otherwise distributing a mod to a location or provider that is explicitly against the will of the original author
    2. Including original Bethesda resources or other copyrighted material (including that from other games and software) in your mod
  3. Including a readme with explicit usage and sharing permissions is required for any mod hosted at Sovngarde
  4. Sweden and International copyright law applies to all mods hosted at Sovngarde.
  5. Mods for games produced by Bethesda Softworks made using their respective Bethesda created editors (ie Construction Set, G.E.C.K) are subject to the respective EULAs. Typically this means that the plugin file and all associated resources are the property of Bethesda Softworks and they maintain all rights. Mods and resources made using other tools (ie textures, 3d models, and 3rd party scripts) are not subject to the aforementioned EULAs. Ownership of such resources remains with the original author.
  6. Plagiarism and copyright violations are cause for account termination, including permanent username, IP address, and email address bans.
  7. Open discussion of copyright violations with the intent to circumvent such copyrights is prohibited
  8. Posting of, or discussing, links to torrents or other file sharing systems with the intent to circumvent a copyright is prohibited
  9. Openly supporting those who willfully and blatantly violate copyright protection is prohibited
  10. Avoiding plagiarism in a community such as this is all about respect. Mod authors all freely give of time and efforts, and simply ask that common courtesy be extended.

    Site Procedures
    1. Forum posts will be locked once they reach 250 posts; this helps prevent the server from slowing down when accessing popular threads.
    2. Threads that contain questionable or objectional content may be removed from public view while they are reviewed and/or cleaned. Whether or not it is replaced is entirely at the discretion of the Council.
    3. We maintain the privilege to move threads to any category we deem necessary.
    4. If a guideline is violated (depending upon the severity and perceived intent) a "verbal" warning will be issued via PM. We do keep records of these conversations.
    5. Subsequent violations will result in formal warnings issued through the forum's warning system; these stay active for 60 days.
    6. We maintain the privilege to ban a member who repeatedly and/or blatantly violates these guidelines, or who otherwise makes Sovngarde an unpleasant place for the rest of the membership. We do consider this to be a last resort.
    7. If someone creates an account to specifically bypass a ban, the new account and the old will be completely banned (username, e-mail, and ip).
    8. Inactive, un-activated, or user accounts without valid contact information (ie a defunct or false email address) may be deleted at our discretion.
    9. We maintain the privilege and responsibility of updating these guidelines as the need arises.
    10. If you see a post that violates any of these guidelines, please either PM any staff member that is currently online or use the "Report This Post" button in the post menu.
    11. Members may not post links untill they have made 10 posts to these forums.

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